Our Methodology

You may have heard the term "kindergarten" however have you ever wondered about its origin?

Friedrich Froebel, a German philosopher and educator invented the first Kindergarten, or Garden of Children, in 1837. Froebel believed that children should learn through guided play and concrete, hands on experience. Through self-activity and exploration, a child was to be nurtured and cultivated to achieve his or her full potential.

We at The Froebel Education Centre are passionate about honouring our children. We provide the rich and nurturing environment needed for children to develop into well rounded, creative responsible individuals. The Froebel Education Centre operates as a not for profit education centre.

Through guided gift play the Kindergartner (teacher in the kindergarten), or school teacher nurtures each child in his/her activity so that the learning process is creative and meaningful.

Small group sizes enable teachers to deeply understand the child and respect the learning style and developmental pace of the student.

Unique ideas, stories and observations are drawn out from the child by way of specially designed balls, blocks, sticks, rings, and beads. These are what are referred to as "The Froebel Gifts".

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